Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Endo Warriors

Hello all. This past Sunday I went to a support group led by a group of women called the Endo Warriors. These meetings, led by three unbelievably knowledgeable and capable women, are a medium in which women with endometriosis can join together to give and receive emotional support. Seeing such an eclectic group of women gather together to help each other is both inspiring and uplifting and each time I'm there I find myself amazed at the amount of strength and inner beauty these warriors have.  I leave each meeting feeling like I am fortified with enough unconditional love, knowledge and support to last a lifetime. I am so proud to call myself an Endo Warrior.

Deeply dedicated
Resilient and strong
Readily available
Immensely knowledgeable
Overwhelmingly supportive
Radiant, powerful

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